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Saint Unbreakable Jeans are single layer, hard wearing, all day riding jeans, cut to look great and made with the world's strongest denim. No liners, no layers, these Saint Unbreakable Denim jeans are 133 times tougher* than a standard denim jean and you can’t tear, slash or slice them like your normal denims.

Indigo Unbreakable Denim for tough times, our jeans are strong because we blend cotton with unbreakable 66% UHMWPE Dyneema®, demonstrating significant burst and abrasion resilience and with triple stitched feld original workwear seams, enamel engraved buttons, a flawless construction and modern fit - These new Saint jeans will be living life with you for a long long time to come.

*Saints 12oz UNBREAKABLE DENIM vs 100% Cotton 14oz denim. CE EN 13595 Impact Abrasion 3.67 seconds zone 1. Wear and Tear (EN388 Abrasion) = 133 times tougher.


Saint denims feel great to wear - ages beautifully - and are cut for living.

Saints black coated Unbreakable Denim is woven with a unique double warp beam allowing us to weave the world's strongest fiber - Dyneema's® Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene - in the warp and weft while having a denim face. Result - A denim with 360º torsional strength - motorcycle tested impact, burst and abrasion resilience. And best, in the European Motorcycle CE EN 13595-1 standard tests we are achieving 3.67 seconds* (approx 45 meters slide time).

• Saints Dyneema® UHMWPE fibers are stronger than steel and float on water
• 133* times stronger than regular denim
• 66% Dyneema® 33% Cotton
• 360º impact, burst and abrasion resistant
• Triple stitching and bound seams
• Motorcycle CE standard tests 3.67 seconds* (approx 45 meters slide time)


0006 - Womens Rigid
+ Rigid Denim
+ Relaxed Fit
+ Straight Leg
+ Medium Rise
+ Zip Fly

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