Men’s Motorcycle Jackets & Vests

Men’s Motorcycle Jackets & Vests

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  • Unbreakable Jacket (Armour Pockets) - Black - SA1NT
    Unbreakable Jacket (Armour Pockets) - Black - SA1NT
    Unbreakable Jacket (Armour Pockets) - Black
  • Moto Denim Vest - Black - SA1NT
    Moto Denim Vest - Black - SA1NT
    Moto Denim Vest - Black
  • Armoured Puffer Jacket - SA1NT
    Armoured Puffer Jacket - SA1NT
    Armoured Puffer Jacket
  • SA1NT WR Anorak - SA1NT
    SA1NT WR Anorak - SA1NT
    SA1NT WR Anorak
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A rider's jacket is their second skin. It's a bold statement to the world that you live fast and you're not afraid to stare danger in the eye. Here at Sa1nt, we love to armour the risk-takers of the world and believe that safety should never come at the cost of style.


Our range of riding gear is highlighted by our best-selling riding jacket, the Unbreakable Jacket with armour pockets. Browse through our motorcycle vests, leather motorcycle jackets, riding jackets & more. A Saint motorcycle jacket is a must-have for any rider. Fused with Dyneema, the Saint jacket is tough and durable, able to withstand the wear and tear of the open road. We also have a great selection of women’s motorcycle jackets and tops too. With a comfortable fit and a stylish design, the Saint jacket will keep you looking good even when you're dealing with bad weather.

Leather motorcycle jackets

We also have the Saint Leather motorcycle Jacket, the classic café racer style. Leather jackets are a classic, old-school that many riders still love. Nothing makes you feel more invincible than throwing on a leather motorcycle jacket and tearing down the road at eye-watering speeds. Paired back to just the essentials and featuring butter-soft, full-grain, drum-dyed leather. The SA1NT Leather Jacket has you covered both on and off the bike, providing the best wind and slide resistance when you're on, and the slickest style when you're off. Our brand specialises in moto jackets that will protect the customer wherever they choose to cruise.

The biggest strength of leather is superior abrasion resistance. Leather is such a naturally strong material that it will give your skin better protection than pretty much any textile garment. You're protecting your own skin with an animal's skin, after all, which is generally pretty damn tough. One good thing about leather is that it forms over time to fit the wearer. While it won't be perfect right off the bat, some riders find that eventually they love the snug and tailored fit. It just depends on how you like your clothes to feel.


What fabric is used for motorcycle jackets?

Jackets are usually made with a textile/mesh combination, leather or specialized man-made fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar. Here at SA1Nt, we make our jackets out of Denim which is blended with Dyneema, the toughest fibre on the planet.

This arms our motorcycle jackets and motorcycle vests with an insane level of protection, offering a six-second slide time if you come off your motorcycle.

A textile jacket won't offer the exact same protection as leather, but modern fabrics like Dyneema make that difference minimal. Dyneema is light enough to float on water but strong enough to make bullet-proof armour and line space shuttles, which is why Sa1nt blends it through our denim gear.

What is the difference between a mesh and a textile motorcycle jacket?

The major difference between mesh and textile motorcycle jackets is meshed textile jackets are made with 'mesh' panels (clusters of tiny holes) that increase airflow and breathability, perfect for warmer conditions.

Textile motorcycle jackets, on the other hand, have no holes in them, therefore providing less airflow and ventilation but providing better protection which makes them the right jacket for colder conditions but more protective.

Why do bikers wear a vest?

Most bikers wear vests because of their significant and extensive range of history, culture and styles. It stems from when military members had denim jackets for the summer when sleeves were too hot to be worn so they were ripped off.

The denim vest is a motorcycle staple - our symbol of youth, rebellion and freedom is inspired by a mix of 70's race leathers, long rides to weekend parties and new times. The SA1NT moto denim vest is a perfect encapsulated image of the rebellious youth of the 70s, providing the modern style and protection to the rider.

What ruins leather jackets?

Leather jackets can provide better protection in case of a fall or slide as they will protect your skin because of their toughness. As tough as a leather jacket can be, it does need constant care in order not to ruin it.

Constant changes in temperature, UV/Sunlight, Stains, Chemicals, Harsh cleaning products and such will slowly deteriorate and chip away your leather over time. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to clean and treat your leather jacket every other day.

The SA1NT leather motorcycle jacket will provide you with a second skin that will last you twice as long as a textile jacket. Being easy to care for with a 100% full grain drum-dyed leather outer.

How tight should a motorcycle vest fit?

Motorcycle vests should fit pretty snug on your torso and shoulders, although it mostly depends on your preference if you want it snug and tight or more free and baggy, there is no right or wrong way to wear a vest.

SA1NT motorcycle vests tent to have a snug fit, just enough to give you protection and warmth but not too tight to choke and constrain you.

Why are motorcycle jackets so short?

Motorcycle jackets are short for a few reasons, firstly it is for comfort while riding, it avoids the jacket from pressing down and folding, and it also avoids the jacket flapping against the wind.

Shorter jackets also provide protection if you fall so that the material doesn't hook onto your bike or other objects. Just keep in mind that if you're going with a race fit it has shorter sleeves because it's worn with long gauntlet gloves.