Women's Motorcycle Jeans

Women's Motorcycle Jeans

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Women's protective motorcycle jeans offer protection and are a fashionable piece for avid women motorcycle riders that are looking for a protective set of motorcycle gear, as well as stylish motorcycle pants. Our SA1NT women's motorcycle jeans are made from the most advanced denim technology, are stretchy, and have a flattering high-rise cut, so you'll feel super comfortable on and off your bike.


The SA1NT patented UNBREAKABLE motorcycle jeans are woven with Dyneema® and certified with a CE rating. The fibres in this material are used to teether space shutters, have insane abrasion resistance and can stop bullets, so these are by far the best motorcycle jeans to protect your legs, knees and hips from ugly bitumen burn or risk losing your skin.

A pair of normal jeans will last just 0.6 seconds when sliding on the road. Compared to the abrasion resistance of a proper pair of Denim Motorcycle jeans it's not even close. Even a low-speed slide can shred regular denim jeans like paper and result in nasty road rash.


Just because you ride a motorbike doesn't mean you need to show up looking like you've stepped off a MotoGP track. Pop on a SA1NT t-shirt under one of our motorcycle jackets for women, pair it with our UNBREAKABLE women's motorcycle jeans and arrive at your destination looking sharper than everyone else, without looking bulky and sporty like motowear from other brands.

Your hips and knees are the most vulnerable to a sudden force of impact. Joints don't cope well against massive collisions, and protective armour knee sliders are the best way to minimise this type of injury and offer knee protection. It may well be the difference between having some very sore muscles versus the nightmare of a shattered patella or fractured hip.

We've got styles for everybody that races down the road on two wheels. Make sure to check out our skinny-fit jeans, with more on the way and regular special offers.
Taking the industry benchmark in safety up a notch or two, we've created the world's first single-layer CE-rated motorcycle jeans made with Dyneema®. They're seriously strong but combined with elastane to stretch and fit you comfortably.


If you like our collection of motorbike pants, why not share them with friends and family? Our selection of men's motorcycle pants is the most popular collection in our store, with a range of relaxed straight fit and slim fit protective motorcycle jeans, that will make sure that even the most daring of motorcycle riders are kept safe.


Do you wear other pants under women's motorcycle pants?

No, you don't need to wear other pants under motorcycle riding jeans. Our patented Dyneema enforced riding jeans offer all the protection that you need in a pair of pants.

Our riding jeans are single-layered and integrated with kevlar, and as such still offer a slim fit, which means you can ride your motorcycle in style, while still getting protection and abrasion resistance from the road, no matter how fast you're going on two wheels.

What are the most popular women's motorcycle jeans right now?

These days, the most popular women's motorcycle jeans have to be our women's unbreakable high-rise skinny jeans.

Made from technical fabrics that look just like regular jeans, they offer a great, slim fit style, while making sure that your pants have the same level of protection, as previously reserved motorcycle riders wearing big, bulky motorcycle gear.
At the end of the day, when riding motorcycles, and picking the best suit, do we really want to be picking between style and safety when choosing what to wear?

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Will motorcycle jeans stretch?

Motorcycle denim jeans will stretch long periods of use but unlike most reinforced motorcycle jeans, the jeans will return to their original size once carefully washed. Riding jeans should fit snugly but without restricting movement. Only you can say for sure what feels right, so when trying them out, get into a riding position and make sure they feel comfortable.

You can find a great pair of SA1NT women's blue skinny jeans or women's black skinny jeans that have great stretch and look good once you step off the bike. With elastane for stretch and Dyneema for abrasion resistance and toughness with a high-rise cut, the best motorcycle pants allow the freedom to move on and off the bike at ease.

How should motorcycle pants fit?

Motorbike jeans should fit snugly, not tight. Although it might interest you to purchase tight jeans, you will need that extra space and room to fill it in with armour, a feature that SA1NT jeans have.

You'll want a tight fit but a good range of motion as well. Just think of how many hours you'll be spending with a piece of clothing when making a decision, and try to make a good long-term investment.

What is the most tear-resistant fabric?

The most tear-resistant fabric is Dyneema. Dyneema is one of the most durable materials in the world, which comes as no surprise that it's been used by military and law enforcement to create bulletproof vests, armour for helicopters and even on space shuttles.

Dyneema's best quality has to be its insane strength-to-weight ratio. It's 15x stronger than steel but 30% lighter than polyester and nylon. Here at SA1NT, we have engineered the best method to intertwine the Dyneema and Denim together to create a pair of Unbreakable jeans that will save your ass when you slide.