We are a passionate bunch here at Saint, obsessed with producing the toughest and lightest single layer motorcycle denim on the planet. R&D is constant, a journey not a destination, as we revolutionise the industry and keep making our denim stronger and lighter.

We hate the thought of dropping a nice ride, but sometimes things go random, and we've got you covered when they do!

We design at the axis of lightweight and performance - nailing strength, tear, cut, and abrasion resistance by integrating the strongest fibres in the world. Then we test all our moto-denims to the EN 13595 European standards for protective motorcycle clothing. Harsh tests designed to tear clothing apart. So harsh, that Saint single layer denim is the only denim in the world to meet the standard.

Australian roads are even harsher than these test standards. Heavy sharp blue metal rock implanted into bitumen. Roads designed for 50-ton trucks, designed to last years of extreme weather environments.

Our Unbreakable Saint ambassador, Doddsy, has been wanting to stunt skid our jeans for a long time ... so at the end of a recent photoshoot, we arrived at a remote Aussie location. No racetrack or LA concrete riverbed...it's harsh and sharp. Frankly looking at the road surface we were nervous, it's one thing to nail laboratory testing, but something entirely different to drag our mate down these roads.

We set up a 30-metre run and got going. After the first run, we checked the Saint jeans, hardly a mark! We got stuck in. By the end, we had done six runs in the same pair of jeans ... 180 metres / 600 feet! Doddsy still in one piece too.

Every generation of Saint jean we do just gets better ... now seriously UNBREAKABLE stretch jeans.