"For a little while now the faithful denim jeans has been less and less visible among men. Modern day males are wearing chinos and leaving their jeans in the cupboard. Yet, for motorbike riders protective gear is a burden and many resolve to the toughest pants they can find, usually denim jeans. For those who stuck with chinos would find themselves in some mischief if they ever had a slide off the bike in an accident."

"So with safety and style in mind, Saint was born. An Australian company co-founded by Aidan Clarke who also started 2XU, the successful fitness apparel label. Saint have found a way to make denim up to 200 times stronger than traditional jeans and they haven’t forgotten about chinos either. We’ve been wearing a pair of the black denim jeans and find them really comfortable and practical, even if we don’t ride motorbikes. We had a few questions for Aidan about their products."

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