1. They feel like your favourite pair of jeans the moment you put them on.



2. They look good in the desert. 3 months into wearing them, i rode accross the Australian desert. It's quiet out there. You can go for hundreds of kilometres without seeing anyone. Cell phone service is non existant. It is amazing. You should go. I didn't make it all the way accross the continent this time. I had an irrepairable breakdown at the edge of the Nullabor in a one house town called Nundroo. It is an amazing place. My friends Jack and Doddsy drove through the night - 1000 miles and rescued me. Make fun whereever you are.

The road before

The road behind

The road beside

The rescue

The place where the ocean meets the desert

What I was wearing

The rescue bike

The rescuers


3. I feel safe in these jeans. They have proven themselves. 3 overseas trips, 2 offs, (one on a desert track, one doing drifts on bitchumen), one ride across Australia, countless rainstorms, dust and dirt, 3 weeks of camping in a swag. They have held together and I still want to put them on in the morning.


4. 7 months in and they look better and better with age. No brokend seams, no crotch blowout, no knees or cuffs gone.