The creative collaboration between Australian Artist David Bromley and the Unbreakable Denim brand 'Saint' is an inspired collaboration. When David and Mike Lelliott (Lead Creative at Saint) met - it was a definite hit the ground running scenario. Straight into it, no hurdles, a shared language with different tools - Riffing off of each others passion for creative reinterpretation of our love of cars, bikes, fashion and just daily “ DOIN STUFF “. That Stuff? Art, Denim and Speed.


The Saint Bromley Launch collection is the tactile, wearable and tough visual representation of this doing of stuff. Bromley's 'old school' approach to art making - women, paint and canvas fused with Saints love of new technology, denim and motorcycles. Original Canvases, Scarves, Jackets, Jeans, Stickers, Speed! Real stuff, real lives.