Our Single layer protective stretch denim allows you to move freely all day every day. With 180-degree stretch, this will be the most comfortable jean in your wardrobe.

Not only your comfort go-to, it's also the world's strongest denim. Built to be tough and stack the odds in your favour, this world first fabric meets the rigorous CE EN 13595-1:2002 professional European motorcycle safety standards test for abrasion, impact and burst resistance.

Our Unbreakable 4.0 stretch fabric is woven with a unique double warp beam allowing us to weave the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®, in the warp and weft while adding elastane yarns to the denim face to create a 180-degree stretch. This blend consists of 52% Dyneema®, 37% Cotton, 9% Polyamide, and 2% Elastane giving the fabric a sliding time of 4.10 seconds* (approximately 50 metres slide distance).

+ Saint Unbreakable 4.0 denim
+ 4 seconds* (~ 75 metres slide time)
+ 180-degree stretch providing optimal movement and comfort
+ CE EN 13595-1:2002 Level 1 rated fabric
+ 52% Dyneema® and 2% Elastane
+ Dyneema® fibres are stronger than steel and float on water