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What Are Motorcycle Jeans?

Riders can get their throttle stuck when it comes to deciding on motorcycle jeans for adequate leg protection. But when you consider the technology behind motorcycle jeans compared to regular denim jeans, it’s a no-brainer. Both our men's motorbike jeans and our women’s motorcycle jeans provide the protection and peace of mind required for a great, safe ride thanks to our tried-and-tested Dyneema®-infused denim. 

Unlike regular denim jeans, motorcycle jeans generally include properties like thick, restrictive fabric, extra padding and space for armour. With the use of Dyneema®, we can keep it lighter and therefore less restrictive, allowing you to easily transition from the bike to everyday life without sacrificing any safety whatsoever. If it’s mobility you’re looking for when you’re on the bike, as well as the highest level of protection, then it’s Unbreakable motorcycle jeans from our motowear range that you’re after. 

Gone are the days of wearing leather pants or obvious protective gear to run errands. Times have changed, and motorcycle jeans are looking more lowkey than ever. Here, we explain more about how motorcycle jeans differ from regular denim jeans, why you need to be wearing jeans designed specifically for motorcycle riders when on the road, and how each of our motorcycle jeans will provide proper protection if you go down at a high speed.


Why Should You Wear Motorcycle Jeans When riding?

You protect your head, torso and arms with appropriate gear when riding, so why wouldn’t you regard motorcycle jeans as part of your protective riding gear? 

We’re not talking about regular denim jeans here. While they may look similar, motorcycle jeans and regular denim jeans are incredibly different for riders. 

You’ve got to ask: how long will regular jeans hold when sliding along rough bitumen under bodyweight? Well, the cotton weave of regular denim generally won’t last longer than a second. Regular denim tears on impact, as it’s not strong or dense enough to resist abrasion. The outcome is a whole lot of road rash at best.  

Simply put: your everyday denim jeans will not protect your legs, while motorcycle jeans will. With nothing separating your body from the road or the other vehicles that occupy it, wearing proper protective gear is absolutely essential. Even a seemingly harmless fall can turn out to be much worse if regular jeans are all you’re wearing to protect yourself. You need a pair of jeans that’ll function as a reliable, resistant safeguard in the event of a crash. You need a pair of the UNBREAKABLE Dyneema®-infused denim jeans that have revolutionised protective motorcycle apparel. They protect you significantly more than regular denim. And we can’t stress that enough.

Dyneema® is the brand name of the high-density polyethylene material that can be spun like cotton to create highly durable, wearable fibres. It’s fifteen times stronger than steel of the same weight. The fibres can stop bullets, tether space shuttles and armour helicopters. We’ve taken Dyneema® and weaved it into our stretch denim for our UNBREAKABLE range. The result? Single-layer, cut and abrasion-resistant motorcycle jeans that function as armour when on the bike, and comfortable casual-looking jeans off the bike. The mobility and protection ratio is superb. 

Our motorcycle jeans are just as light as an everyday pair of jeans but have proven to be unbreakable, test after test. They’re a safety-assured second skin for when you’re on the road. So, to help get you sorted wearing the best possible gear for your ride, here are the motorcycle jeans you’ve been looking for:

Unbreakable Stretch Jeans

Our men’s Unbreakable Slim Jeans are not only made of the most advanced denim on the planet, but they could also very well be the most versatile jeans on the planet, too. We’ve taken our highly advanced Dyneema®-infused denim and designed these jeans with pockets fitted for ghost armours to bring you an incredibly lightweight pair of motorcycle jeans. With elastane for stretch, these jeans will be moving right alongside you no matter what the activity or occasion is. 

Whether you’re on the road, in the office, out to dinner or out on a spontaneous night out, they look the part and provide comfort with more than enough protection. Reinforce the high-impact zones of these motorcycle jeans when it’s time to ride with our hip and knee armour. With their sleek casual look, these single-layer, five-pocketed jeans contain enough style and function to wear confidently and comfortably anywhere. Black jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe, as they work with practically any outfit.

Women’s Motorcycle Jeans

Let’s change the gear a little here and talk about our Women’s Unbreakable High Rise Skinny Jeans. They tick all the boxes: comfort, style and most importantly, adequate protection. With elastane for stretch and a flattering high rise cut, these single-layer black denim beauties allow the freedom to move both on and off the bike. They are made of our advanced Dyneema®-infused denim and have been tested for slide protection and abrasion resistance. For heavy-duty biker jeans, these motorcycle jeans are incredibly lightweight and have a soft, clean, sleek look that’s suitable for most situations. When you invest in a pair of these jeans, you're getting an adaptable protective pair of jeans like no other.

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Protective Riding Jeans 

The biggest benefit of our Unbreakable Model 4 Jeans is that they come with extra armour, making them our most protective motorcycle jeans yet. Knees and hips are the main impact points when a rider comes off their bike, so it’s imperative that the rider has something else between their joints and the pavement, to absorb some impact. Both the removable hip armours and the removable, adjustable knee armours are included with these jeans to protect those high-impact areas even more. Made with Dyneema®-infused denim, these motorcycle jeans are as thin as they are strong, providing you with that additional layer of defence while still allowing for unrivalled flexibility. They conform to the limb, fitting perfectly against the body. Even with these armours, these jeans offer a slim cut. The fit and tapered leg of these trusty overdyed indigo jeans create an effortless, versatile stylish look. If you’re like us and you ride your motorbike almost everywhere, you’ll want jeans that deliver the mobility and protection promised by our Model 4 Jeans.

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