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What is Dyneema Fibre - The Ultimate Material for Motorcycle Gear

Dyneema Composite Fabric. The name might sound like science fiction, but it's one of the strongest materials in the world, and many industries are starting to realise its incredible potential.

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It's tougher than steel, but so light weight that it floats on water. This unique fabric is changing the game for outdoor gear.

This rundown will answer any questions you might have about this mystery fabric, and why Sa1nt have adopted it for our range of protective clothing, including our motorcycle jeans and motorcycle jackets.

What's so Good about Dyneema Composite Fabrics?

Dyneema's best quality has to be its insane strength-to-weight ratio. It's 15x stronger than steel but 30% lighter than polyester and nylon. This means that protection doesn't have to come at the cost of comfort.

Dyneema is one of the most durable materials in the world, which comes as no surprise that it's been used by military and law enforcement to create bulletproof vests, armour for helicopters and even on space shuttles.

What is Dyneema Fibre Made Of?

Unlike natural fibres like wool or cotton, composite fabrics like Dyneema are made in the lab. Put simply, Dyneema is made from taking ultra-high-molecular-weight polythylene (UHMWPE), and sandwiching it between two sheets of polyester film.

Years of innovation and refining have made Dyneema a true powerhouse among flexible composite fabrics. It was found that abrasion performance dramatically compared to HMPE (the original material), testing showed that Dyneema Composite Fabric had a 4x longer lifetime. These are characteristics rarely seen in woven fabrics.

Who invented Dyneema Composite Fabric?

Dyneema was developed in the 90s by Cubic Tech Corporations. It first gained prominence in the 1992 America's Cup where it gained the name Cuben Fibre, after the winning yacht harnessed a precursor version of the product we have now. You may still see it referred to as Cuban Fibre today.

In 2015, Cubic Tech was purchased by Dyneema, a branch of the DSM Dutch Company. This was how Cuben Fibre officially became Dyneema Composite Fabric, and the fabric began its ascendancy.

One company, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, was even founded on the potential of Dyneema. Its founder heard about Cuben Fibre online, and realised it had enormous potential for outdoor sports equipment and outdoor gear in general. He began to manipulate it and experiment with the limits of the material.

In 2016 Dyneema was even combined with carbon fibre to create Dyneema Fibre. This took carbon fibre, which can be brittle, and increased energy absorption by 100%. It managed to increase the strength while actually cutting weight. We might be seeing only the beginning of the numerous applications that Dyneema has for composite fabrics.

Is Dyneema Water Resistant?

Not only is DSM Dyneema lightweight but it's considered to be 100% waterproof. Dyneema Composite Fabrics don't absorb water, unlike Kevlar which can absorb 3.5% of its own weight in water.

This waterproof element is what makes Dyneema so appealing to outdoor gear like tents and backpacks, and will come in handy for those rainy days on the road.

What is Dyneema in a nutshell? It's the fabric of the future. From armour for helicopters and space shuttles, to bullet-proof vests.

Why is Dyneema Fabric Used for Motorcycle Jeans?

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Dyneema fabric's toughness makes it ideal for crash protection. The fact that it is also ultra-lightweight and breathable while providing the protection essential for motorcyclists is what sets it apart and makes it the ideal material for motorcycle jeans.

Our men’s motorcycle jeans use a single layer of this material with elastane to produce comfortable denim with unmatched manoeuvrability, the first of it's kind, evolving from the traditional two layers. In what can only be described as the most advanced denim on the planet, our unbreakable slim motorcycle jeans are the epitome of comfort, safety, and style.

Our women’s motorcycle jeans utilise this same technology in a stylish, high-rise skinny jean that looks great, feels great and gives freedom of movement both on and off your bike. Combining the worlds strongest fibre with a single layer stretch denim, we have been able to reduce bulk and add comfort. With standard five-pocket styling, zip fly, and single button enclosure, this revolutionary pair of denim will make you never want to ride in anything else.

With a casual look that can be worn to just about any occasion when you step off your bike, different colourways to choose from, and the world's first single-layer CE-rated motorcycle jeans woven with Dyneema fabric – these are more than just jeans.


Unbreakable Denim Motorcycle Jacket

Our patented Unbreakable motorcycle jackets are woven with Dyneema and provide safety, unmatched strength and comfort like no other.

Made with style in mind, you can wear this jacket for protection while on your bike, style once you arrive at your destination, and warmth both on and off your bike. To the naked eye, this doesn’t look like your typical moto jacket. So, you won't have to worry about packing a change of clothes.

By simply popping a nice tee on under your Unbreakable motorcycle jackets, pairing it with your Saint motorcycle jeans, and wearing a comfortable sneaker, it will be as if you were wearing a casual, everyday outfit.

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Our Unbreakable jacket comes in classic denim styling paired with our Dyneema (UHMWPE) blended black coated fabric, with a faux fur collar available in either black or white (both included) and features a breathable mesh lining.

And now, our Unbreakable jackets feature internal pockets for our removable D30 armour in the back, shoulders, and elbows for added padding in case of a collision, while keeping an impressive weight ratio. Motorcycle jackets are undergoing a Renaissance, and Saint Unbreakable is at the forefront. Shop our range of motorcycle jackets, vests, denim, and more.

Denim with Dyneema

Our motorcycle jackets are made of denim fused with Dyneema for a rugged, durable look that is also extremely lightweight and breathable. Because of this innovative and sophisticated construction, you can rest assured that your new motorcycle jacket is built to last and will keep you safe on your rides for years to come. After all, we gave them the patented Unbreakable moniker for a reason. We also engineered a durable and rugged leather jacket for those who prefer the classic motorcycle jacket styling.

In addition to our best-selling Dyneema denim jackets, we stock a range of Saint Unbreakable tops for both men and women. Our women’s tops feature tees, tanks, and jackets emblazoned with our brand and logo on the front so you can proudly rep your favourite motorcycle brand anywhere you go. Throw on one of these tops under your Unbreakable motorcycle jackets and arrive in style anywhere you go.







Where to Buy Dyneema Fabric in Australia?

Dyneema fabric’s combination of toughness and lightness allows it to be used in several fields. Stronger than steel but light enough to float on water, Dyneema is the perfect material for use in extreme climates and while riding a motorbike.

The only trusted site for motorcycle gear woven with Dyneema fabric is Saint Unbreakable. Only here can you get Dyneema denim jeans and jackets that ensure your comfort and safety both on and off your bike.

When you shop our range of motorcycle jeans, you will find a pair of pants that challenges how motorcycle jeans are supposed to look and feel. All of this without comprising the most important aspect: your safety.

Pair our jeans with our Unbreakable motorcycle jacket, and you have equal parts style and protection; An outfit that will shield you while riding and make you look great once you get off your bike. The future of motorcycle gear is with Saint Unbreakable and Dyneema fabric.

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