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Getting Your Motorbike License QLD: What You Should Know

Getting your motorcycle licence can be a bit confusing. There seems to be a thousand steps involved, and the rules can change depending on which state you live in.

In this article, we've made it as easy as possible for Queenslanders to navigate the licensing process. By the time you've finished reading, you'll be ready to start riding.

Eligibility and Requirements

Age and License Requirements

First things first; before obtaining a motorcycle licence, you'll need to have held a provisional or open driver's licence for at least 1 year. Given that you can't get a driver's licence in QLD until the age of 17, you'll need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a motorcycle licence.

Health and Fitness

You'll need to be medically fit to apply for a licence, so you'll be required to disclose any relevant medical conditions during the licencing process. Conditions like blackouts, eye or vision problems, and neurological disorders are some examples of relevant conditions.

Understanding the Q-Ride Pre-Learner Course

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The Q-ride Pre Learner Course is a 2-day mandatory course that all riders need to take to get a learner's permit. It takes place in a Q ride training area and teaches you the basics of riding. Skills like cornering, braking and road craft are all covered.

After completing the course, you'll also need to pass a motorcycle knowledge test. You'll need to answer a 30 question test and pay a fee to the Department of transport and main roads. Practise the test here.

You'll also need to pass the Hazard Perception Test to obtain a learner licence. You can find the test here.

Benefits of the Q-Ride Pre-Learner Course

The Q-Ride Course is important for developing skills and safety awareness. You'll be working with a skilled instructor who can assess your skill and help you develop good riding habits.

A Q ride training centre is a controlled area that allows you to develop your skills in a low risk and stress free environment.

The Learning Phase: RE Learner License

Now that you own a motorcycle learner's permit, you enter a 90-day minimum period where you're not allowed to ride by yourself. You can only legally ride with the supervision of someone who holds an open licence for the type of motorcycle you're riding, and they need to have held this for one year.

Restricted (RE) Q-Ride Course

Once your 90 days are up, you can book in for a Q-Ride Restricted (RE) Licence Course. This is a one day course that rewards you with a restricted licence upon completion. That means that you can now ride a bike unsupervised!

Riding Restrictions and Safety Measures

Since you won't have a full licence yet, there will be some restrictions. There can be no alcohol in your system at all, and you can't carry any passengers for the first year.

Unrestricted (R) Q-Ride Course

Upgrading to an Unrestricted License

After two years of holding a restricted licence, you're now eligible to attend the 1/2 Day Unrestricted R Q-Ride Course. Completing this will grand you a full licence, and all the benefits that come with that.

After passing this course, you can upgrade your licence online or do it physically at a TMR office.

Additional Insights and Tips

  • Stay informed about road rules and regulations during the entire licencing process

  • Consider advanced training courses to develop your skills further

  • Practise in varying road conditions to develop comprehensive driving skills

  • Make sure you've geared up properly before every ride. Check out the latest motowear before getting your learner's permit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my motorbike licence Queensland?

There are many step to get a motorbike licence in Queensland. First, you'll need to complete a 2 day pre-learner course. Next, pass both the knowledge test and a hazard perception test to gain your RE learner licence.

After 90 days of riding under supervision, you can now attend the 1 day Restricted Q-Ride Course to obtain your restricted licence. You'll need to spend two year with a restricted licence before finally attending a 1/2 day course to obtain your full licence.

How much does it cost to get a motorcycle license in Queensland?

There are several costs involved to get a motorcycle licence in Queensland:

  • Pre-learner course: $200-$400

  • Learner licence application fee: Around $180

  • Probationary licence fee: About $170

  • Restricted (RE) Q-Ride Course: $300

  • R licence course: $250

Can I ride a motorcycle with a car license in Qld?

No, you cannot ride a motorcycle with a car licence in Qld. Riding a motorcycle in any state requires gaining a separate motorcycle licence. You will also need to have held a provisional or open licence for at least 1 year before applying for a motorcycle learner's permit.

How long is motorbike learners in Qld?

The motorbike learners period in Qld is 90 days. For the first 90 days after obtaining your learner's permit, you won't be able to ride unsupervised. You can only legally ride with the supervision of someone who holds an open licence for the type of motorcycle you're riding, and they need to have held this for one year.

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