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How To Get Learner License ACT: Requirements, Process and Tips

The Australian Capital Territory is an amazing place to ride on two wheels, but if you plan to enjoy all that breathtaking scenery, you'll first need a motorcycle licence.

In this article we'll run down exactly how to get your learner motorbike licence, so you can kick off your riding journey as soon as possible.

Graduated Licensing System in the ACT

When it comes to getting your motorcycle licence in Australia, the process can change depending on the state you're in. Getting a licence in the ACT is actually one of the simplest of these processes.

  1. Complete a Pre Learner Licence Course to get your learner's permit

  2. Hold your learner's licence for at least 3 months

  3. Complete the Motorcycle Rider Training Course to obtain your full licence

That's the basic summary, but there's still plenty of important information you'll need to know, so keep reading for a detailed rundown.

Eligibility and Requirements

Before we get started, double check whether you're eligible to get a learner's permit in the ACT. You'll need to:

  • Be at least 16 years and nine months old

  • Have an Australian driver's licence. If you don't have a car licence, complete a Pre-learner licence course and pass the ACT Road Rules test.

  • Live or about to live in the ACT

Application Process at Access Canberra

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Once you've double checked your eligibility, you can apply for a one-day Pre Learner Course. The Pre-Learner course takes about seven hours, and assumes you have no prior knowledge of motorcycle riding.

The course will cover the absolute basics including gear changing, turning, braking, and clutch control. There will be a mix between classroom time that covers theory, and time spent on a bike.

Once you've completed the course, take your certificate to an Access Canberra Centre to get it endorsed. This has to be done within one month of completing the Pre-Learner course so that it doesn't expire.

If you already own a driver's licence then you won't need to complete any road rules tests. In the ACT there is no specific knowledge test for motorbikes. The same test you took to get your car learner licence counts is all you need.

Before you're officially endorsed, you will be required to complete a visual acuity test. Then you can finally be awarded with your motorcycle learner licence.

Learner Riding Restrictions and Responsibilities

  • Always display your L-plates at the back of the motorcycle

  • You are not allowed to carry any passengers

  • You can't ride a motorcycle with a power to weight ratio exceeding 150 kilowatts per tonne

  • Your alcohol level needs to be zero

  • You can't tow a trailer

Progressing to Provisional Licence

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Once you've held a learner licence for a minimum of three months, you're eligible to go for your provisional motorcycle licence. The Pre-Provisional Licence test has to be taken within 12 months of completing the pre learner course, so don't screw around!

Once you feel ready to go for the provisional licence, you'll need to pass both a pre provisional test, which is the written component, and the Motorcycle Operators Skills Test (MOST) which is the practical component.

You can fail and reschedule the test during the 12 month period after getting your learners, but after the 12 months you'll need to re-attend the learners course. So DON'T book the provisional test at the absolute last minute, unless you're extremely confident of passing.

Once you successfully complete the MOST test, you can visit Access Canberra to get your certificate validated and claim your provisional licence, which lasts for three years. When the provisional licence is renewed, you will receive your full licence.

Preparation and Additional Tips

  • Stay informed about road rules and regulations during the entire licencing process

  • If you don't feel confident about taking the provisional test, consider advanced training courses to develop your skills further

  • Practise in varying road conditions to develop comprehensive driving skills

  • Make sure you've geared up properly before every ride. Check out the latest motowear before getting your learner's permit

Cost Breakdown and Licensing Fees

  • Pre learner licence course: About $290

  • Learner licence fee: $26.40

  • Provisional licence fee: $134.30

  • Pre provisional course and MOST test: $255

  • Unrestricted licence fee: $219

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my learner's license act?

To get your learner's licence in the ACT, you'll need to complete a one-day pre learner course. This course covers the absolute basics of riding and assumes no prior knowledge. At the end of the day you'll be awarded with a learner's certificate.

How many hours do learner drivers need in Act?

Learner motorcycle drivers don't need a specific number of hours in the ACT. However, it's recommended that you practise riding in a variety of conditions and build up your skills before going for your provisional licence test.

What is the L plate course in Canberra?

The L plate course in Canberra is called the Pre-Learner licence course. It takes a full day and covers the absolute basics of riding a motorcycle. The course costs about $290 to attend.

How do I get my L license in Australia?

To get your L licence in Australia depends on which state you live in. In most cases, you will need to attend a one or two day course. Double check the requirements of your own state before getting your Ls.

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