REVIEW: SA1NT Unbreakable Denim Slim Jeans [2024]

REVIEW: SA1NT Unbreakable Denim Slim Jeans [2024]

Super tough riding jeans that will save your skin when things go random, with the look and feel of high-end fashion jeans.


Super comfy jeans that don't skimp on protection. SA1NT slim jeans feel like everyday jeans, so you can wear them casually without that horrible bulky feeling that often comes with riding gear. AA-rated for impact abrasion resistance, they're available both with and without armour pockets. These jeans are a perfect blend of style, comfort and unbreakable moto spirit.


  • Lightweight and stretchy for all-day comfort
  • AA-rated abrasion protection
  • Stylish design that pairs well with everyday outfits
  • Made with Dyneema fabric for protection and comfort
  • Built with quality materials for durability


  • Weekend outings
  • Long distance riding
  • Daily commutes
  • Wearing both on and off the bike

Key Features of SA1NT Unbreakable Denim Slim Jeans

  • Made from incredibly tough fabric that can slide for four seconds on the road without ripping.
  • Features a strong felt seam that doesn't easily rip.
  • A slim fit that hugs the body for a flattering look.
  • Nice, stretchy fit for maximum comfort and flexibility. So comfy you'll forget that you're even wearing motorcycle pants.
  • A forgiving fit that stretches and accommodates for different body types.


High quality motorcycle jeans made from only quality materials. Woven with Dyneema, a fibre that stops bullets and armours helicopters, these AA-rated jeans offer four seconds of abrasion resistance when sliding on the road.

While these jeans pack a punch, they certainly don't skimp on comfort. They're built with elastane to give riders the freedom and flexibility that most protective jeans lack. Like all of our jeans, they're made with only a single layer of denim to keep them feeling as light as possible.

The slim jeans are available both with and without armour pockets, so you can take your protection to the next level with knee armour and hip armour. Sa1nt jeans are designed to be worn with D30 Ghost Armour, which gets its name from being so thin and comfortable that you'll often forget that it's even there.


The unbreakable combination of super tough materials and a strong seam means these jeans will last you for several years and provide value for money.

The painstaking quality of the stitching and weaving of materials makes them ultra-durable, so you can stay confident with the toughest riding gear on the market.

Follow the care/wash instructions carefully to get the most out of your moto jeans. Because of the unique dying process, take extra care during wear over the first few weeks as the black dye will dry or wet bleed onto white or light garments and upholstery.


Available in three different colours to suit the individual spirit of every rider.

  • Black: For a sharp, modern look that goes with just about anything.
  • Light bleached blue: For those who prefer a classic look, these are the pants for you.
  • Raw-black: An alternative, grungy look.
  • Black (Armour Pockets): Take your safety to the next level with armour pockets for maximum impact protection.


  • Front and back pockets
  • Belt loops
  • Leather Patch on Waistband & Leather tab on coin pocket
  • Available with or without armour pockets

Comfort and Fit

There's a reason our customers rave about the comfort of Sa1nt jeans. The slim jeans have a stretchy, skinny fit that stays super comfortable during those long hours in the seat. Lighter and thinner than most other brands, they still pack all the essential abrasion resistant material you could ever need.

One of the best features of the slim jeans is that they feel and wear like regular jeans. The stretch materials accommodate any body type, so they feel nice and snug whether on or off the bike.

The slim jeans fit true to size, so take your normal size when deciding on the best fit. If you find yourself between sizes, we recommend going one size down.

Style and Versatility

Today's motorcycle jeans offer riders the luxury of protection without compromising on style. Sa1nt jeans are designed to look and feel like regular denim, so you can take your best motorcycle jeans anywhere you want without needing to bring a change of clothes.

Whether you're rocking modern black or classic bleached blue, Sa1nt slim jeans will never look out of place either on or off the road. Some of our customers love their pants so much, they even wear them when they're not riding!

The slim look has become hugely popular in recent years, so we endeavoured to bring safety gear to the table that lets riders feel confident and look their best while doing what they love.

While slim jeans are all the rage these days, you might still prefer something a bit more conventional. Check out our straight fit jeans here if slim isn't your style.

SA1NT's Slim Jeans in a Test Drive

The stretch and comfort of Sa1nt's slim jeans are perfect for those long hours in the seat. They have the feel of high-grade jeans without skimping on protection. Riders love the sense of freedom that only comes from comfy, high-quality moto gear.

These top shelf jeans have a very forgiving stretch so they're easy to move around in, whether you're getting on and off the bike or just using them as a casual pair of pants. Sa1nt jeans have the look and feel of ordinary pants, so you won't feel the bulk that normally comes from riding gear once you eventually get off the bike.

One of the best features of Sa1nt jeans is they can be paired with pretty much anything. Whether it's weekend cruising or commuting to work, you can look sharp without needing to bring a change of clothes. Once you've put these jeans on, you'll probably never want to take them off anyway!

But if you need to know how Sa1nt jeans go when shit really hits the fan, just check out the testimonials from some of our customer's wild crash stories.

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