REVIEW: SA1NT Unbreakable Denim Jacket [2024]

REVIEW: SA1NT Unbreakable Denim Jacket [2024]

Sa1nt's top-selling motorcycle jacket has the perfect blend between protection and style. A comfy, everyday design that's got your back when things go random.


The Unbreakable jacket has a stylish design that looks and feels like an ordinary denim jacket. It's hard to believe that something so lightweight can pack this much protection, but this jacket is more than up to the task. With 5.9 seconds of slide time in key impact areas and a AA-certified safety rating when worn with armours, the Unbreakable jacket will have you riding with confidence and looking your best.


  • Classic denim jacket style
  • Lightweight and designed for all-day comfort
  • 5.9 seconds of slide time in key impact zones
  • Burst and abrasion resistant
  • Armour pockets in the back, shoulders and elbows
  • Removable faux collar


  • Weekend rides
  • Casual use
  • Long distance riding
  • Commuting to work
  • Camping trips

Key Features of SA1NT's Unbreakable Jacket for Men

  • Classic and versatile denim jacket style
  • Includes both black and white removable faux shearling collars
  • Internal armour pockets in the back, shoulders and elbows (armour sold separately)
  • Comfy fit that's perfect for casual use
  • Lighter and cooler than traditional Kevlar motorcycle jackets
  • Class “AA” certified garment (when worn with armours)


  • The Sa1nt unbreakable jacket is made with Dyneema, a next-generation fabric that's used to make bulletproof vests and armour helicopters!
  • 5.9 seconds of slide time for key impact zones on the arm and shoulder. Two seconds of slide time on the rest of the body.
  • Burst and abrasion resistance.
  • CE EN17092-5:2020 Class “B” certified garment
  • EN17092-4:2020 Class “AA” certified garment (when worn with armours).

Armour Pockets:

  • Mesh lining pockets to fit D3O® Ghost™ Shoulder & Elbow armours
  • Mesh lining pocket to fit D3O® Viper Back Armour
  • Body armour is your best defence against sudden impact. D30 armour feels light and unobtrusive, so you barely notice it while you ride. It's an easy way to stack the odds in your favour every time you jump on the bike.

Comfort and Design:

The Unbreakable jacket is designed to feel as comfortable and natural as possible, whether you're on or off the bike. The lightweight, ergonomic design is perfect for those long hours in the seat, and it's a great option for keeping cool on hot summer days.

Designed for an everyday look, the Unbreakable jacket can double as your favourite jacket both on and off the bike. So if you hate bringing a spare change of clothes or feeling awkward walking around in bulky riding gear, this is the jacket for you. It really doesn't feel like you're wearing a piece of motorcycle gear at all!

The Unbreakable jacket has become Sa1nt's top selling riding jacket for a reason. Riders love the easy, lightweight feel of this jacket, and the confidence in knowing that an awesomely designed piece of gear has got their back every time they ride.

Care and Maintenance

It's the world's toughest denim, but your jacket still needs some tender loving care. A good moto jacket is an investment, and you'll need to take care of it so that it can keep on taking care of you.

Sa1nt denim is designed to tell the story of your adventure, fading and wearing over time to reflect the unique experiences of its rider.

To help this process, we suggest holding off on giving your jacket its first wash for as long as possible. Instead, let the denim 'learn' your movements and contours, and make it as unique to you as possible. If you prefer your denim to look just like the day you bought it, give it a cold wash with two teaspoons of salt before your first wear to help lock in the colour.

Ultimately, the best way to look after your moto denim is to wash it as little as possible. Washing detergents not only strip colour, but they slowly break down the cotton fibres that make up denim fabric.

Of course, we know that your denim is going to take a beating at some point, so here's how to clean it the right way.

  • Where possible, rather than wash the whole jacket, spot-clean stains with a damp cloth or baby wipe.
  • If the whole garment needs to be washed, opt for hand-washing over machine washing.
  • Always air-dry your denim instead of machine drying.

Check out our comprehensive guide on denim care for a more detailed rundown.

Unbreakable Denim Jacket in a Test Drive

Reading about it is one thing, but wearing Sa1nt denim is a whole different story. Many riders have a hard time believing just how lightweight the Unbreakable jacket is until they try it on in person, but seeing is believing!

Made with a fashion cut but built to handle the toughest of conditions, this versatile jacket will quickly become the favourite item in your wardrobe. Comfortable enough to wear all day off the bike, the 

Unbreakable jacket still has your back where it matters most, especially when paired with armours. Check out some Sa1nt crash stories if you need the proof.

So if you're looking for a super tough riding jacket that doubles as a fashionable piece of clothing, the only way to go is Sa1nt.

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